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Re: [gopher] Gopher clients for iOS

On 24 Nov 2014, at 13:19, Eric W. Brown <eric@saugus.net> wrote:

> Yeah, I’m running GopherBrowse 1.0.4 by Richard Smith, and it works on both iPhone and iPad. I originally picked it up for my first gen iPad; I’ve updated my iPad since then and it’s gone through a couple updates of its own, so I don’t know if the current version still supports the original iPad. Browsing now though it no longer seems to be available in the store in the U.S., either, so I’d guess that Richard Smith is no longer an iOS developer.

I stopped paying Apple because I wasn’t writing anything new in my spare time. I am still a developer; just don’t have a personal iOS app-store account anymore. I may be able to get GopherBrowse back on the app-store via my work account, so long as I can get agreement. As for the code, I could open-source it.

It should still work on the original iPad. Doubt it would work on iOS 7 or 8. I can easily take the time to bring it back up-to-date.

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