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[gopher] Gopherus - a console-mode gopher client

Hi all,

I released today a new gopher client called "Gopherus". It is a console-mode client available for DOS, Windows and Linux. It must be noted that it's not using a real console on non-DOS targets, but a terminal emulation via SDL.

Some of you might remember 'ddwarf' - another gopher client of mine, that I wrote about 4 years ago. Gopherus is visually very close to it, altough it doesn't share any code with ddwarf. I wanted to recreate a totally new gopher client, using the experience I gained on ddwarf.

Unlike ddwarf, Gopherus is written in plain ANSI C (C89), therefore porting it to other platforms should be quit easy (should such need arise).

The gopher page of Gopherus is right here:

For those gopher-impaired, I made also a quick http website:

Mateusz Viste

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