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Re: [gopher] Gopher Live Stream Demonstration

> > http://zesty.ca/chat/ - Real time chat using an animated GIF. Seems to be
> > broken for me though.
> Me, too. It seems his chat server is down. Actually, the UTC clock
> uses MIME multipart anyhow, not animated GIFs.
> It looks like we'll have to dive into the GIF98a specs to figure out
> how animated GIFs work, as I've tried a bunch of things and none of
> them work.

I have set up ffmpeg capturing our MJPEG stream and outputing an animated GIF over a TCP stream using inetd which pygopherd using a PYG thingy then spits out as an animated GIF image when the right selector is used. Theoretically, it should work.

In practice, the firewall rules on the network of the aucs.co gopher server are not controlled by me and don't allow the gopher server to see the webcam server. I have placed a request with the University to open up a port, which hopefully they will approve.

Iain R. Learmonth <irl@sdf.org>

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