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Re: [gopher] Selector types summary

Christoph Lohmann  wrote:
> Then the namespace seems to be overused.
> Of course there is the possiblity to define all 256 possibilites
> of item types with various standards and meta-standards.

It does seem a shame that there isn't a [tab] or something else after
the item indicator character in the specification before the title
string. That would have allowed greater flexibility since you could then
have "ssh" for ssh or any other arbitrarily long item type.

Reading the RFC it also seems curious how the item-type system was
designed to allow expansion, but yet the characters 0 to Z are
"reserved". That doesn't give users much flexibility for extension,
unless we start using utf-8... (Actually I quite like the idea of
having type ŧ as a "unicode support test" item-type...).


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