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Re: [gopher] Dynamically linked Mosaic on Linux??

> being fed up with the GUI browsers sucking up all RAM and CPU on my
> laptop, i tried to dig up some old friends from back then [TM].
> I found two attempts on bringing NCSA Mosaic into the third millenium,
> one by Cameron and one other. The second one seemed to be untouched
> since 2002 while Cameron seems to work on it nowadays. Apparently, the
> porting to more recent OSes has been done while maintaining the
> original semi-static build, which i ran into problems with.
> First, i wouldn't want to make a static build for my laptop as RAM is
> already scarce in modern terms (only 512 Meg). Second, it doesn't work
> out-of-the-box either (static linking that is) due to some library
> issues. Well, those are probably caused by my setup, but i'm not deep
> enough into that to tell.
> Now i tried to compile the stuff dynamically, which turns up some other
> (maybe related) problems. The missing png_info_init() i could sorta
> solve myself, the called function is deprecated since libpng-0.95
> (somehwere around 1997) but supposedly one could use
> png_create_info_struct() which i did. After that, changing the library
> settings in the Makefile to -lpng and -ljpeg seems to make a compile
> possible, unfortunately the freshly crompiled Mosaic crahses before
> even drawing a window :-(

If you run it in gdb, what does the backtrace look like?

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