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[gopher] Google Gopher (was Re:Torrent update)

On the Mon, May 03, 2010 at 01:05:13PM +0100, Nuno J. Silva blubbered:


> >> Put "robots.txt" in your gopher root with something like this in it:
> > Does this really work for gopherspace? 
> I dunno if the robots.txt convention was made just for web or if other
> protocols were being considered too, but that won't prevent a spider
> from using a robots.txt found in a gopherspace :-)

=:-) I see. 

> > [1] I once made a joke to a Google engineer about when "Google
> > Gopher" would launch. He looked kind of puzzled...
> "puzzled" as in "he is working at google and does not know what gopher
> is" or as in "our business is the web, only if you encapsulate gopher
> over http will we spider it"?

Well, he asked me if gopher still exist. I then pointed him to
my own gopher server (gopher.semmel.ch) and of course to
gopher.floodgap.com and told him that gopherspace is still

CU, Venty

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