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Re: [gopher] gopher++ examples with Gophernicus/0.5-alpha


Gopher++ up and running as planned. New spec not written yet... this time I'll do plenty of real-world code before bothering anyone with theories.

First of all, there's now a client with nearly full gopher++ support (only Referrer is missing, and I'm not sure if that's necessary)! The client is no other than - here comes the good part - NSCA Mosaic! I happend to have the sources on my ~/code/ (thanks, Cameron) so I hacked together a quick patch which adds gopher++ header support for it:


The patch is *very* small, only 85 lines of which only ~33 are actual code changes. Which means adding support for gopher++ is _really_ simple to pretty much any existing gopher client.

After patching & building Mosaic the following things start working against the Gophernicus/0.5-alpha server running on holviala.com:

* Server knows about User-Agent and logs say it's "NCSA_Mosaic/2.7ck8"
* Server knows about the actual request filetype (no guessing)
* Server formats all menus to 74 char wide as requested by Mosaic
* Virtual hosting works without any selector;domain.com hacks
* Output charset is changed from US-ASCII to ISO-8859-1

Some examples - compare these between patched Mosaic and some other client like Firefox to see the difference.

Real virtual hosting:

Filetype no longer needs guessing:

Non-ascii characters in menus:

- Kim

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