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[gopher] gopher++ examples with Gophernicus/0.5-alpha

Not going to explain these too much since it's all just alpha now.... The first two already work, but my charset conversion function currently always outputs US-ASCII no matter what the settings are.

Proper virtual hosting support:
$ printf "/\t\t++\nHost: gophernicus.org\n\n" | nc holviala.com 70
$ printf "/\t\t++\nHost: holviala.com\n\n" | nc holviala.com 70

Variable-width output:
$ printf "/\t\t++\nColumns: 40\n\n" | nc holviala.com 70
$ printf "/\t\t++\nColumns: 80\n\n" | nc holviala.com 70

Different output charsets (not working yet):
$ printf "/\t\t++\nCharset: US-ASCII\n\n" | nc holviala.com 70
$ printf "/\t\t++\nCharset: UTF-8\n\n" | nc holviala.com 70

And so on...

Currently the code understands the following header lines:

* Host:             Same as in HTTP
* User-Agent:       Same as in HTTP
* Referer:          Same as in HTTP
* Filetype:         Gopher filetype of the request
* Charset:          Set output charset (not working yet)
* Columns:          Set output width

- Kim

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