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[gopher] Re: This mailing list

I would prefer not to use google. Maybe I would better like using
services of sourceforge, alioth.debian.org or  savannah.nongnu.org
mentioned before.

John Goerzen wrote:
> Philipp Schafft wrote:
>> reflum,
>> I vote *against* google because of the following:
>> I don't what to depend on Google in any way. I do not like google much
>> because of variuos reasons including poltical and privicy things. I also
>> don't want to need a google account. Can you 100% be sure that all users
>> of the list do not need one for the next ten years?
> You're right, of course; nobody can guarantee these things, about Google
> Groups, complete.org, or anything else.  People can get in car
> accidents, corporate policies can change, sites can go under or be
> bought out.
> The best way to deal with it in any case is make sure you're able to
> switch at any moment.  That means, mainly, having access to your
> archives in mbox format and your subscriber list in some sort of
> machine-readable format.  Both of which we could get whether we use
> Google Groups, Mailman, or something else.
> With Google Groups, the mbox archive would be indirect; you can't export
> an archive from there, but you *can* from Gmane, and Gmane can easily
> archive Google Groups.  With Mailman, it makes mbox archives itself,
> though its archive engine pretty much sucks in every other way.
> So, let's try to sum things up...
>  * This and the OfflineIMAP list are the last two on complete.org that
> haven't decided where to go yet.  All the others have decided to go to
> Google Groups.
>  * As far as preferences go:
>    1 person is fine either way (Brian Koontz)
>    2 people don't want Google (Cameron Kaiser, simple/Jeff)
>    2 people wants us to abolish this group in favor of Usenet
> In other words, we don't have a clear preference yet.
>  * It probably doesn't make sense for me to maintain an entire Mailman
> (or $LISTSERVER_OF_CHOICE) installation on complete.org for only 1 or 2
> lists.
>  * Mailman hosting is, however, a dime a dozen these days.  I could
> easily set up a gopher project on alioth.debian.org,
> savannah.nongnu.org, or even use the existing one on SourceForge if we
> wanted to have a non-Google option.
>  * Regardless of whether we go with Google, Mailman on complete.org,
> Mailman elsewhere, etc... I would make certain that I have access to
> archives in mbox format and the subscriber list in one way or other so
> we could migrate again in the future if needed.
>  * gopher@complete.org could forward to the posting address of the new
> list indefinitely.
>> Also I would not like to convert this list to a news group or the like
>> simply because it isn't one. I currently prefer the push of lists over
>> the pull of groups. you may set up some gateway, but this one more part
>> to setup and maintain.
> I agree.  Gmane provides an excellent gateway already, for free, so I'd
> encourage people that want to use NNTP for this group to use it.  It
> comes with none of the drawbacks of Usenet.
> -- John

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