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[gopher] Re: Anouncement: A New Version of Gopher Client

2009/2/17 Cameron Kaiser <spectre@floodgap.com>:
>> > The real question would be if it degraded gracefully (i.e., a regular
>> > gopher menu for every RTF menu), which I haven't investigated. If it did,
>> > then I *would* call that an advantage, but I imagine that was not part
>> > of the spec.
>> I don't think they were thinking about that. This sort of menus don't
>> work at all in any other Gopher+ client - they just display lots of
>> error lines.
> No, I mean some sort of mechanism to degrade for older clients (i.e., the
> older client doesn't see or even request the RTF menu). I guess that could
> be done through the normal Gopher+ VIEWS method however.

VIEWS would be a good solution but I have not found any references to
some special mime type for it in Gopherpup settings file:
It seems they hoped the proposal would become standard and that other
clients would adapt to it.


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