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[gopher] Re: Anouncement: A New Version of Gopher Client

2009/2/17 Cameron Kaiser <spectre@floodgap.com>:
> It's sort of HTTP/HTML with none of the advantages. I'd rather work in
> HTML than RTF, although I suppose at the time RTF was more developed and
> had more markup features.
If I understand correctly the advantage they saw in RTF is
text+images=1 file -> you only have to fetch the information from the
server once. With html you would need to download the images

> The real question would be if it degraded gracefully (i.e., a regular
> gopher menu for every RTF menu), which I haven't investigated. If it did,
> then I *would* call that an advantage, but I imagine that was not part
> of the spec.
I don't think they were thinking about that. This sort of menus don't
work at all in any other Gopher+ client - they just display lots of
error lines.


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