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[gopher] Re: New Gopher server and client

2009/2/16 Mateusz Viste <mateusz@viste-family.net>:
> I would say it depends of personal tastes :-)
I agree.

> I understand that you will convert text files to rtf/pdf/html....   What =
charset will you declare in these documents? Will you analyze each file to =
determine what charset could possibly be used (UTF8, Latin2, ISO-8859-1, IS=
O-8859-2, KOI8, etc..."? If not, then I see no point in that...
Specification says ASCII. I also use UTF8 so that I can display
Slovene characters.

> What if you get a PDF file? Will you convert it to html and text, to allo=
w multiview?
Not all files *need* to have multiple views. You can't have multiple
views of a binary program for example. Except you could send it as

> What will you do with graphic files? Will you convert any file to bmp, jp=
eg, png, gif, etc...? What if one graphic file contains alpha channels, and=
 the destination format doesn't handle transparency (png -> jpg)?
Again - you don't need to have multiple views. You can if you are
willing to do the extra work.

> Multiview is a nice (well, at least "interesting") feature. However, to b=
e really efficient it has to be done by the administrator, which sets up di=
fferent versions of a document. Such settings are much work for an admin, c=
ompared to just putting a bunch of text files on the server... ;-)
I agree (generally). But my server works exactly the way you described
it. You put some preformated text files (line wrap) in the directory -
the server takes care of the rest.


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