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[gopher] Re: New Gopher server and client

2009/2/16 Mateusz Viste <mateusz@viste-family.net>:
> Well... If you ask ME, I would that indeed, gopher+ is just like http. I =
see no interest in it... I like gopher for its bare simplicity, which allow=
s to put any stuff online without any effort (and still gaving the possibil=
ity to represent documents in a nice way).

Well, the gopher server I am working on is a gopher+ server. And from
admin's point of view it will be the same as maintaining normal gopher
server. Multiviews are automatically generated (plain text is
converted to postscript, rtf, pdf, xml, html) on the fly. The only
thing I have not yet worked out is how to do ASK forms in some generic
way (and perhaps some scripting would be nice to have too). Multiview
is what in my opinion makes all the difference when compared to http.


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