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[gopher] Re: New Gopher server and client

2009/2/16 Benjamin Newman <benn.newman@snc.edu>
> The server is written in BASIC, and I am not able to test that, but the
> client uses XUL Runner, which comes with Firefox 3 and works just fine.
> The client supports Gopher+. The author is not sure if ASK forms work
> correctly, though, and alternate views make it crash sometimes.

I tested the client and it looks good. Specially Gopher+ looks nice. I
tried Goper+ multiview here:
but unfortunately it didn't work :-( Perhaps because these were files?
It does work on directories.

I also tested +ASK and it rendered the form correctly, but it was
impossible to enter any data into it - hotkeys seem to redirect the
page to some other page ...
-> 1 Search IUBio archive ReadMes & Help files!
(this is actually *the only* working +ASK form I found. I also found
one on some Hungarian server but I don't understand Hungarian ... And
Google Translate was not much help.)

Standard Gopher works nicely :-)


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