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[gopher] New Gopher server and client


I sent this from somewhere that makes SPF (waves fist) very unhappy. 
Apologies if this gets to the list twice.


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Subject: New Gopher server and client
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 13:31:11 -0600
From: Benn Newman <benn.newman@snc.edu>
To: gopher@complete.org

Hello all

For all the un-cool people that do not come to 
irc://chat.freenode.net/gopherproject, zzo38 announces a new Gopher 
server and client.

The server is available at gopher://zzo38computer.cjb.net/1gophserv and 
the client is available at http://zzo38computer.cjb.net/vonkeror/.

The server is written in BASIC, and I am not able to test that, but the 
client uses XUL Runner, which comes with Firefox 3 and works just fine.

The client supports Gopher+. The author is not sure if ASK forms work 
correctly, though, and alternate views make it crash sometimes.

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