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[gopher] Re: get binary files using gopher server

JumpJet has had a link for methods to retreive Gopher via Email for a long time.  See:
  http://home.jumpjet.info/Gopher/access.htm#b  or
  Last time I tested the services listed under "Gopher & HTTP viewing access via E-mail (no Web Browser required!)" was back in November, and they worked just fine.
"Avery M." <averym@gmail.com> wrote:
  I understand what you are doing now but not completely. Were you using
the www4email servers to get Gopher files, or to get binary files on
the WWW? Gopher is quite a different protocol from WWW and there are
not that many binary files in the Gopher community. You cannot fetch
WWW files through a Gophermail server. If you do want Gopher, here are
two e-mails I found online:

gophermail@eunet.cz Czech Republic
gopher@dna.affrc.go.jp Japan

But I don't know of anyone on this list who runs a Gophermail server themselves.


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