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[gopher] Re: get binary files using gopher server

I was using the www4email... severs to get binary files, no gopher files,
but, as I did tell you before, these servers are defunct

In recent years, Gopher has fallen in popularity and most of the
gophermail servers have closed down. But still there is quite a
bit of information available on gopher servers, and a few working
gophermail servers.

Although not every item on every menu will be accessible by
"gophermail", you'll still find plenty of interesting things using this
technique. .

The two emails you sent me are ok, that=B4s what I looking for. But...are
these emails working yet?
Now,  I need the help files from the two emails you sent me
Thanks a lot for you help, friend
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From: "Avery M." <averym@gmail.com>
To: <gopher@complete.org>
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2008 11:10 PM
Subject: [gopher] Re: get binary files using gopher server

>I understand what you are doing now but not completely. Were you using
> the www4email servers to get Gopher files, or to get binary files on
> the WWW? Gopher is quite a different protocol from WWW and there are
> not that many binary files in the Gopher community. You cannot fetch
> WWW files through a Gophermail server. If you do want Gopher, here are
> two e-mails I found online:
> gophermail@eunet.cz             Czech Republic
>  gopher@dna.affrc.go.jp          Japan
> But I don't know of anyone on this list who runs a Gophermail server
> themselves.
> Avery

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