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[gopher] Re: new client

ok, let's get these questions answered!

1) yes, you would need the .NET framework installed on your system. it's OEM 
now, so most new systems will have it automatically. Sorry about that.

2) The advantage of doing in in vb .net, other than that's what i know to 
code in, i feel is the extended text handling and the ease of use of network 
sockets.  It leverages a great deal of processing power.  For example, 
there's a split function, that will split a string into an array based on 
what the delimeter is. this makes handling gopher returned data easy: i 
split it once for the crlf's at the end of the line to get each line, then 
split each line by tab characters to get the type, description, selector, 
remote address, and port for that item.  I think the code to generate the 
displayed data is a total of maybe 25 lines.

3) I support all the mapping types in rfc 1436, an the "i"  and "h" 
descriptors. tho i suspect the CSO entry descriptor is long since obsoleted.

4) my opinion on gopher+ is that if enough holes support it, i'll add the 
capability in.  i'm thinking its not widely used, so i might just have my 
client ignore any gopher+ extras. again, not something i've ever seen out 
there working.

5) VR gopherspace isn't something that fills in my vision of HoleDweller.  I 
just want a nice standard looking gopher client, 32-bit native Windows 
application.  I've actually sort of based it on an old client i found that 
was written for win 3.1, that i managed to get to work.

6) Audio, pictures, files...i'm not sure how i'll handle those. perhaps i'll 
put a picture viewer and audio player in the client itself - however, doing 
this might take some doing as i've never dealt with steaming audio before, 
and in order for a picture to display it technically gets downloaded to your 
system anyway. URL entries (h types) will call the default browser and ask 
it to open to that address, and the telnet descriptors will call telnet to 
open those resources.
so the long and short of that question is, i'll probably let the built-in 
windows applications designed to handle them do the work.

thanks for the feedback.


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Subject: [gopher] Re: new client

> Very nice program.  The Windows community (by choice I primarily run 
> Windows 2000, see: 
> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/00\Win2k_Hosting\Why%20Windows%202000.txt ) has 
> been in need of a good Gopher Client for some time.  Now that the browser 
> that ships with Windows, I.E.7, no longer supports Gopher access, the need 
> has just become critical!!!
>  A few questions and comments:
>  1) Do you have to have ".net" installed on the Windows computer in order 
> to run your Gopher Client?  My version of WIndows 200 intentionally does 
> NOT have ".net" installed, and I was hoping that I never would have to 
> install it.
>  2) What do you feel is the advantage (other than YOUR personal 
> familiarity) to writing in ".net", rather than in some other programming 
> language?  Is is execution speed, stability, tightness of code, etc.?
>  3) Do you intend to support all the common "Type Mappings" (see: 
> gopher://home.jumpjet.info/00\Contact.txt ) with unique Icons?
>  4) What is your opinion on Gopher+ ?  I ask becuase Gopher+ was only a 
> proposed set of extensions, never officially submitted to the  Network 
> Working Group, and never widely implemented, even in Gophers heyday.  Most 
> of the Servers still in operation do NOT support Gopher+ (such as 
> GopherS).  Rather than trying to implement Gopher+, it may be more 
> productive to have the current Gopher community get together and develop a 
> new set of Gopher extensions, based on 20 years of hard lessons learned 
> from using Gopher, the Web, FTP, and other Internet protocols.
>  5) Do you intend to implement VR (i.e., like GopherVR and TurboGopherVR 
> once did)?
>  6) How are you handling Audio and Pictures?  By forcing them to be 
> downloads only; or through hooks to external applications, "plug-ins", or 
> (heaven forbid) built-in code?
> Trevor <greendragon@stny.rr.com> wrote:
>  crap, it stripped it.
> screenshot is here:
> http://freejack.mine.nu/preview.JPG
> comments?
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> Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 9:22 PM
> Subject: [gopher] new client
>>i changed this to a new subject since it no longer concerned ascii art :)
>> thanks for the info on gopherS, Eric.
>> using both floodgap and jumpjet as test sites, i'm coming along nicely
>> with
>> a modern, 32-bit windows client, written in vb.net . a lot of it is done.
>> a
>> lot of it is not. it will be ongoing development as i have free time. I'm
>> wrestling a bit on the gopher+ extensions, tho i've added the ability for
>> it
>> to recognize gopher+ data. does anyone happen to know of a gopher+ hole i
>> can try?
>> anyway, so far, it likes bucktooth and gopherS
>> attached a screenshot, hopefully it doesn't get stripped.
>> trevor
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