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[gopher] Re: new client

Very nice program.  The Windows community (by choice I primarily run Windows 2000, see: gopher://home.jumpjet.info/00\Win2k_Hosting\Why%20Windows%202000.txt ) has been in need of a good Gopher Client for some time.  Now that the browser that ships with Windows, I.E.7, no longer supports Gopher access, the need has just become critical!!!
  A few questions and comments:
  1) Do you have to have ".net" installed on the Windows computer in order to run your Gopher Client?  My version of WIndows 200 intentionally does NOT have ".net" installed, and I was hoping that I never would have to install it.
  2) What do you feel is the advantage (other than YOUR personal familiarity) to writing in ".net", rather than in some other programming language?  Is is execution speed, stability, tightness of code, etc.?
  3) Do you intend to support all the common "Type Mappings" (see: gopher://home.jumpjet.info/00\Contact.txt ) with unique Icons?  
  4) What is your opinion on Gopher+ ?  I ask becuase Gopher+ was only a proposed set of extensions, never officially submitted to the  Network Working Group, and never widely implemented, even in Gophers heyday.  Most of the Servers still in operation do NOT support Gopher+ (such as GopherS).  Rather than trying to implement Gopher+, it may be more productive to have the current Gopher community get together and develop a new set of Gopher extensions, based on 20 years of hard lessons learned from using Gopher, the Web, FTP, and other Internet protocols.  
  5) Do you intend to implement VR (i.e., like GopherVR and TurboGopherVR once did)?
  6) How are you handling Audio and Pictures?  By forcing them to be downloads only; or through hooks to external applications, "plug-ins", or (heaven forbid) built-in code?  
Trevor <greendragon@stny.rr.com> wrote:
  crap, it stripped it.
screenshot is here:


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Trevor" 
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 9:22 PM
Subject: [gopher] new client

>i changed this to a new subject since it no longer concerned ascii art :)
> thanks for the info on gopherS, Eric.
> using both floodgap and jumpjet as test sites, i'm coming along nicely 
> with
> a modern, 32-bit windows client, written in vb.net . a lot of it is done. 
> a
> lot of it is not. it will be ongoing development as i have free time. I'm
> wrestling a bit on the gopher+ extensions, tho i've added the ability for 
> it
> to recognize gopher+ data. does anyone happen to know of a gopher+ hole i
> can try?
> anyway, so far, it likes bucktooth and gopherS
> attached a screenshot, hopefully it doesn't get stripped.
> trevor

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