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[gopher] Re: Yet another gopher browser for another OS: Arachne under DOS

Cameron Kaiser wrote:

>> Maybe you should update to the latest version available at
>> http://www.cisnet.com/glennmcc/arachne/a190j1.zip . 1.70 is rather outdated.
> Is it faster? One of my complaints is that Arachne is quite sluggish, even
> considering this is a diminutive little 486DX/40. If 1.90j1 is speedier,
> that's definitely a plus.

Dunno, sorry. 1.90j1 is the first version I use. The only way to be sure 
for you is to upgrade and test. However, 1.90j1 is slow on my PC, maybe 
that has something to do with the fact that DOS can't handle 
multitasking. On the other hand, I used it after having booted from a 
diskette, so my DOS/Arachne configuration is anything but optimised...

>>  I'm thinking
>> about mentioning the bug to Arachne developers, and useful information
>> from a skilled gopher sysop would help (why in your opinion it's
>> behaving the way it does, or anything I just can't imagine ;)
> At least for old-5k00l browsers, they usually implemented item type 7 in
> HTML as <isindex>. Naturally they don't do that anymore but I remember that
> being the case for pre-Mozilla Netscape, at least. I don't know if Arachne
> does that internally or not (haven't looked at the generated source and I'm
> at work right now).

The good with copying and pasting is that you don't need to understand 
what you're copying :)

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