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[gopher] Re: Yet another gopher browser for another OS: Arachne under DOS

> > You made me curious about this -- I have Arachne 1.70 on my little 486
> > utility laptop but I never tried gopher on it before. It comes up with
> Maybe you should update to the latest version available at
> http://www.cisnet.com/glennmcc/arachne/a190j1.zip . 1.70 is rather outdated.

Is it faster? One of my complaints is that Arachne is quite sluggish, even
considering this is a diminutive little 486DX/40. If 1.90j1 is speedier,
that's definitely a plus.

> > "Gopher Query" but no search box. Is that what yours does?
> Exactly. See http://stegozor.googlepages.com/VERONICA.png . I'm thinking
> about mentioning the bug to Arachne developers, and useful information
> from a skilled gopher sysop would help (why in your opinion it's
> behaving the way it does, or anything I just can't imagine ;)

At least for old-5k00l browsers, they usually implemented item type 7 in
HTML as <isindex>. Naturally they don't do that anymore but I remember that
being the case for pre-Mozilla Netscape, at least. I don't know if Arachne
does that internally or not (haven't looked at the generated source and I'm
at work right now).

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