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[gopher] Re: Yet another gopher browser for another OS: Arachne under DOS

Stegozor wrote:

> I just managed to get the Arachne web suite for DOS work. Of course, I 
> checked at once whether it was able to browse gopher sites. The answer 
> is yes, at least partly.

> I've added a screenshot (...)

> -- Binary/unsupported file stripped by Ecartis --
> -- Type: image/gif
> -- File: Arachne_DOS.gif

Ooops, I put a few screenshots on 
http://stegozor.googlepages.com/arachnebrowsinggopher%2Cscreenhots .
You'll find a screenshot of floodgap, another of quux, and a third one 
showing quux.org through the gopher proxy (just for comparison).

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