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[gopher] Yet another gopher browser for another OS: Arachne under DOS

Hi folks,
I just managed to get the Arachne web suite for DOS work. Of course, I 
checked at once whether it was able to browse gopher sites. The answer 
is yes, at least partly. I wasn't able to use Cameron's Veronica engine, 
and everything on a gopher page is linkyfied. However, selectors are 
marked with a different icon depending on their content (see screenshot) 
and they work quite fine. If you don't have a mouse, tab and shift-tab 
combinations allow to choose the links you want. So, if you don't click 
on informational text on purpose, it's quite usable.

I've added a screenshot, and if you want to give it a try by yourself, 
it's not that hard: find the right packet driver for your network 
interface card if you use broadband or let Arachne detect your dial-up 
modem (my *winmodem* wasn't detected), download Arachne from 
http://www.cisnet.com/glennmcc , make a boot diskette, boot with it.
Then launch the packet driver, and then Arachne.

Well, I think Arachne deserves to be mentioned as gopher capable 
browser, especially given the fact that it doesn't need an installed OS. 
A simple boot diskette is enough, moreover there are not so many 
alternatives under DOS/FreeDOS.


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