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[gopher] Re: The gopher archive

John Goerzen wrote:
> tar'd and bz2'd, the gopher archive is 15GB, which would require 3
> DVDs.
> If there was someone that could host it, I'd ship it to you at my
> expense.  Or, I'd do the same if there is someone that's willing to
> make copies for others.
> Otherwise, if there are still a whole bunch of people that want it,
> I'd probably send it via the USPS to anyone in the USA for about $10
> to $15, including materials and postage.

New to the list, so pardon me if this is assumed knowledge, but what
archive in particular are you referring to? Is this a compilation of
site content, mail articles, or something else entirely?

You've sparked my interest either way; depending on the content, I'd
probably be willing to host it myself. My site is still in production
at the moment though, so for a publicly-available  archive, it'd have
to wait a bit. Just ballpark, about how much bandwidth do you think
such a thing would ask for? Or, perhaps a better question: how many
gopherphiles=97or people who might otherwise want this=97are still left on
the Internet?

I also ask in regard to the suggested .torrent alternative, seeing as
the original seeder may as well go ahead and host the files it if
there aren't enough people around to share the weight.

Also, if there are any resources with which I should be familiar
before posting to this group, would someone be so kind as to point me
in their appropriate direction(s)? Thank you and I look forward to
future discussions.

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