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[gopher] Re: The gopher archive

John Goerzen wrote:
> tar'd and bz2'd, the gopher archive is 15GB, which would require 3
> DVDs.
> If there was someone that could host it, I'd ship it to you at my
> expense.  Or, I'd do the same if there is someone that's willing to
> make copies for others.
> Otherwise, if there are still a whole bunch of people that want it,
> I'd probably send it via the USPS to anyone in the USA for about $10
> to $15, including materials and postage.

I'm really out of money these days, so I think I'll wait a little bit, 
but putting that file on BitTorrent was suggested. As an alternative, 
posting it to binary newsgroups may also be interesting: the poster 
would suffer, but downloading it afterwards would become much faster. 
Maybe a newsgroup post could be followed by bitTorrent seeds...

To give an idea, note that teranews allows unlimited posting with a one 
time $3.95 set up fee account, and newsguy.com allows 30 Gb download for 
$9.95. There must be other alternatives as well.

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