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[gopher] Re: embedded gopher servers

> Possibly a glaring oversight on the part of the openwrt distribution
> people- they include an http server to run on the router, yet there
> seems to be no trace of a gopher server for said distro.
> Does anybody have any idea if such a package might exist for it? If
> not, I'm not beyond poking at source code, but I'd rather not
> re-invent the wheel

UMN gopherd is pretty much dead, but depending on your proclivities,

Python fiends like pyGopher: gopher://gopher.quux.org/
Perl demons might like Bucktooth (shameless plug):

Both of these are relatively small and should fit within the firmware confines
of an embedded system like this (you may need to cross-configure Bucktooth
on a bigger box and import the outputted object, though).

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