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[gopher] Re: bucktooth-0.1pr6: perl configure.xinetd fails

> [tecnico@kanthaka bucktooth-0.1pr6]$ perl configure.xinetd
> Unmatched right curly bracket at configure.xinetd line 171, at end of line
> syntax error at configure.xinetd line 171, near "}"
> Execution of configure.xinetd aborted due to compilation errors.

Holy cow, I don't know how I could have missed that. I'm trying to figure
out where that snuck in.

Thanks for the report. Actually, I'm getting enough good suggestions from
people that there will be a spiffier 0.2 coming up Soon (tm).

"When will Now be Then?!"

>    All right, I'm know I'm one of the groovy people.
> About the bout of nostalgia, is there a gopher archive like
> web.archive.org for the web?  Can one get today the documents
> the former UMN master gopher served in its heydays?

John is doing something like that now, but I don't think there was anything
like that in the good-old-days. :(

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