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[gopher] bucktooth-0.1pr6: perl configure.xinetd fails

   Cameron, I think there's a trivial glitch in bucktooth-0.1pr6's
"configure.xinetd" file:

[tecnico@kanthaka bucktooth-0.1pr6]$ perl -v

This is perl, v5.8.6 built for i386-linux-thread-multi

[tecnico@kanthaka bucktooth-0.1pr6]$ perl configure.xinetd
Unmatched right curly bracket at configure.xinetd line 171, at end of line
syntax error at configure.xinetd line 171, near "}"
Execution of configure.xinetd aborted due to compilation errors.

[tecnico@kanthaka bucktooth-0.1pr6]$ sed -n 167,173p configure.xinetd
} else {
         print "none found.\nWhew! (BUT MAKE SURE NOTHING'S ON THE SAME 

$j = &prompt(<<"EOF", "") unless (!$DO_INSTALL);

   In fact, I could count twelve "}" characters and eleven "{"
characters in the file.
   I then deleted one of the "}" lines under the "PORT!)\n\n";" line,
and could configure bucktooth server just fine:

[tecnico@kanthaka bucktooth-0.1pr6]$ diff -U 1 configure.xinetd*
--- configure.xinetd    2005-10-14 17:00:49.000000000 +0200
+++ configure.xinetd.orig       2005-10-14 17:00:44.000000000 +0200
@@ -170,2 +170,3 @@

[tecnico@kanthaka bucktooth-0.1pr6]$ perl configure.xinetd
Configure (xinetd) for Bucktooth/0.1PR6 (C)1998-2005 Cameron Kaiser

This is the configure script for xinetd systems. Congratulations, you're
one of the really groovy people. Rob Braun is doing some hot stuff with it.

   All right, I'm know I'm one of the groovy people.
About the bout of nostalgia, is there a gopher archive like
web.archive.org for the web?  Can one get today the documents
the former UMN master gopher served in its heydays?

Alessandro Selli
Tel: 340.839.73.05

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