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[gopher] Darcs repositories for Gopher development


In case you are not aware, I am now maintaining gopher and pygopherd in
Darcs.  Darcs is a highly-distributed version control system (see
darcs.net) that is very easy to use.  To check out a source tree:

darcs get http://darcs.complete.org/gopher


darcs get http://darcs.complete.org/pygopherd

Then, you can hack around.  Use "darcs record" to record your changes.
When you're done, run "darcs send" to have darcs automatically send an
e-mail to me, wrapping up all of your changes.

(Please note that if you get tired of typing in your own e-mail address,
you just need to create a file in ~/.darcs to record it; see the darcs
manual on darcs.net)


-- John

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