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[gopher] ANN: Gopher 3.0.9

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce to release of Gopher "FurryTerror" 3.0.9, the
latest release of the Gopher client descended from the original UMN
gopher source tree.  Like always, you may download it from
gopher://gopher.quux.org/1/devel/gopher or http://quux.org/devel/gopher.

The changes since the last release, made in August, 2003, are:

  * Updated version number in patchlevel.h.  (Oops, it still says 3.0.5)
  * Fix compile error with gcc 3.4.  Closes: #258752.
  * Fixed warnings relating to prototypes.  In download.c,
    prefer getcwd() to get_current_dir_name().  Closes: #226552.
  * No longer crash on problems piping to external programs.
    Thanks, Goeran Weinholt, for the patch.  Closes: #128990.
  * Install makes dirs for manpages if they don't already exist.
    Combined with other fixes in this version and prior versions,
    all bugs in 142913 are resolved.  Closes: #142913.
  * [debian] Removed build-deps on build-essential packages.
    Closes: #262423.
  * [debian] Updated standards-version and to new debhelper.
  * Fixed a small memory leak in download.c.
  * Fix potential insecure /tmp usage in gopher.c.
  * Use socklen_t instead of int for socket length operations,
    avoiding warnings about incorrect signedness.
  * Updated copyright files.

Please note the security fix for the /tmp race.  This could be an issue
on local multiuser systems.  I noticed this issue while working on
another bug.

-- John

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