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[gopher] Re: pygopherd on Debian stable

Il giorno Wed, 14 Apr 2004, John Goerzen così ha scritto:

|>   	I'm considering installing pygopherd to replace UMN gopherd on a
|>   	Debian stable server running on a SPARCStation5.  However, this
|>   	distribution comes with python version 2.1.3, while pygopherd
|>   	needs version 2.3.  In order to have pygopherd running I'd need
|>   	to upgrade the server to the testing python package, plus a
|>   	small number of other dependencies.  I wished I didn't need to
|You have several different options.  You can probably get a usable
|Python for woody from www.backports.org or www.apt-get.org.

  They both carry python2.2 for the Sparc architecture.  Humm...

|However, I have an even easier solution -- you can just install Python
|from source.

  I like this idea.  Yes, I will definitely do this.
  Than you,


Bellum se ipsum alet
       La guerra nutre se stessa

Livio, "Ab urbe condita", XXXIV,9

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