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[gopher] pygopherd on Debian stable

  	I'm considering installing pygopherd to replace UMN gopherd on a
Debian stable server running on a SPARCStation5.  However, this distribution
comes with python version 2.1.3, while pygopherd needs version 2.3.  In order
to have pygopherd running I'd need to upgrade the server to the testing python
package, plus a small number of other dependencies.  I wished I didn't need to
have mixed stable/unstable packages on the "frontline" server, so before I
give up on the server's "purity" and upgrade python with the testing package I
wanted to ask this: when pygopherd was developped, was python 2.3 used because
some of it's features where needed in order to have a fully functional gopherd
server, or was it just because that was the python version available on the
developer's computer and maybe pygopherd can work on python2.1?
Any idea?  Should I just try that?



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