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Re: Suggestions regarding APT↔dpkg communication rework project proposal


(be careful, I am potentially your competition on this proposal, so who
knows if I am really telling you the truth… I think I am brutally
honest, but I am obviously biased and have conflicting interests)

On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 05:02:49PM +0530, sainadh jamalpur wrote:
> I am going to participate in Gsoc 2016. I would like to write a proposal

Cool & great that you consider Debian as your mentoring organisation
(and APT as a good project within to contribute to)!

> for APT↔dpkg communication rework Project so that i want some
> APT↔dpkg communication rework
> Project so that i want some suggestions regarding writing proposal for this
> project.

This specific project is a bit special in that at least I (who wrote
that project proposal) thinks that the mentioned "Desirable skills: C++,
Debian packaging experience, previous experience with APT & dpkg" aren't
easily negotiable as I wrote the project and my proposal for it with an
ambitious "wargoal" and overall "battleplan" with the premise that
I know the general robes by now and can therefore be dropped into action
on day 0. No offense intended, but I doubt a newcomer to apt/dpkg
development can pull this project of – I would be very happy to be
proven wrong through.

The main problem with the project is what my proposal deals with in the
bonding phase: get a protocol up and running, which hasn't a spec yet,
which in practice can't be written by someone new in APT (as you don't
know the requirements), but your potential mentors (me included) don't
have the uninterrupted freetime to write it…

I think next year (assuming that project gets accepted and is
implemented successfully by anyone) we could have a GSoC project
implementing a specific 'ordering solution finder' following a certain
strategy and/or satisfying certain requirements, but that doesn't help
much for this year of course. There are many other things which could be
done by a student through…

… so don't let this discourage you through even if you end up agreeing
with me on this specific item. Debian has many listed projects – many of
those perhaps more suited for new contributors – and adding your very
own project is perfectly possible, too! If you are still interested in
working on something in APT feel free to join our IRC channel
#debian-apt (see also https://wiki.debian.org/IRC for a howto and other
teams in Debian you could talk to) and we can probably work out
a project based on your interests. :)

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

P.S.: I noted it in a sidenote on the wiki… I noticed a bit too late
that "A" sorts very early in the alphabet (silly me) as it wasn't my
intend to have this project at the top of the list, but oh well.

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