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Re: Writing a Spacewalk plugin for Apt-Get

Hello Jesús,

On 02/18/2011 04:27 AM, Jesús M. Navarro wrote:
> I'd say that it's usually a good design choice to be the service aggregator 
> (spacewalk in this case) to adapt to the individual services it tries to 
> aggregate, not the other way around.
Agreed, in general.

> I think to remember that managing configs is one of Spacewalk features.  Why 
> don't hook the repository change to a push for a 
> new/modified /etc/sources.list.d/ file and then exec an aptitude update? 
> (that's at least what I'd do with, say, Puppet).
> I think that would achieve your goals in a Debian-centric way and minimal 
> fuss.

I'd though about this approach first, but I left.

This solution, would require Debian clients to run a deamon picking
actions from spacewalk server. Deamon is usually there, but not necessarily.

Consider the pooling interval, which is 4 hours by default, and the fact
that each action is stored in the database. Also, remote action may fail
or get postponed another 4 hours.

Well, there is client tool, rhn_check, for picking these remote actions.
And Debian version of rhn_check could be modified to update sources.list.

But, there is *no* guarantee that rhn_check is to be issued.

Kind regards,

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