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Re: Writing a Spacewalk plugin for Apt-Get

On 02/17/2011 06:11 PM, Šimon Lukašík wrote:
>>                 I don't know enough about your project to know if that
>> > is helpful or not, just wanted to mention it.
> It is helpful. I will follow with more info about my usecase, to make
> things clear, maybe I am missing something foundational.
> Very basic user story: As admin of Spacewalk, I add or remove repository
> to the system(s). And this change propagates from Spacewalk server to
> debian client(s) with next installation/update of packages.

I will try to step here as developer of Spacewalk and will try to
enlighten our user story.

Imagine classical line from apt/source.list

  deb http://some.url/ stable   main contrib non-free

Usually the repo is static and it is up to owner of that machine if he
use main, contrib or non-free section.

But Spacewalk provide dynamic repos. And admin (who centrally manage
thousands of machines) in WebUI choose, which sections (we call it
channels) that machine will use.

So one day admin may choose main and contrib, but few days (or
momements) later, he may add non-free and remove contrib. Whatever...
And of course the in ideal world those changes in WebUI of Spacewalk
server will not require change of source.list.

I would expect having simple line:
  deb spacewalk://some.url/ stable
or even:
  deb spacewalk://some.url/
and spacewalk-apt-get plugin will receive list of sections/channels over
xmlrpc and make it available in some initial phase of
update/upgrade/install. Ideally in libapt so it will be available in

Šimon claims, that it is impossible with current codebase. So we are
trying to do two things at once:
a) how to make our plugin work with current codebase of apt.
b) investigating what changes will be required in apt, to make the
plugin work as I described in that ideal-world scenario.

I hope I did not confused it even more.
Miroslav Suchy
Red Hat Satellite Engineering

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