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Bug#552606: apt-doc: [INTL:de] German translation

(okay, everything was planed so well and now with one mail...
 so in short: I want to write earlier but [insert an excuse here]
 and i want to wait for the other things to be ready before
 responding but the process was slower than expected because
 [insert yet another excuse] and now we have today and i think
 i need to respond now while nothing is finished, so here it goes.)

2009/12/1 Julian Andres Klode <jak@debian.org>:
>        a) where are the umlauts? I only see question marks. The file
>           should be UTF-8 formatted, but it does not seem to be.
>        b) you forgot to close option --cdrom</option
>        c) po4a creates an invalid apt.conf.5.xml using your
>           translation, could you please fix this.
Should be all fixed in my branch [0] and Michael has promised to take
a look at it this week, so it should come to debian-sid branch soon.
a) looks btw more like a problem on mutt's side as Christian Perrier
seems to have this problem also in other translation related threads.
The patch (encoding) itself was fine.
In this merge should be also included the patch from Chris Leick
for his bug #552535 and as it is basically the same topic:

> There's no section 8 in dpkg. The same error was found for several sections:
> section 8 in dpkg-scanpackages
> section 8 in dpkg-scansources
> section 8 in dselect
Correct. It is a bit questionable why dpkg and co are not in section 8 as
they are "System administration commands", but as they are also available
for "normal" users i guess 1 is also okay. It is just a bit inconsistent that
packagemanagers (e.g. apt, but also aptitude and synaptics) are in 8...
But this is out of the scope of this bug, i guess and should be maybe
discussed in a bit more general scope/area.

> apt-secure:
> The following strings aren't understandable in German:
> <literal>Create a toplevel Release file</literal>
> <literal>Sign it</literal>
> <literal>Publish the key fingerprint</literal>
> Please remove <literal> tags, if possible.
I replaced them with <emphasis> as i think this was the intention.
Regarding translation: The later two are terms from the gpg world
and a proper and well accepted translation for these should exist.
The first one is maybe better understandable with the addition:
"Create (also) a Release file at the toplevel of your archive" ?
As this paragraph is more targeted at repository-makers instead
of a "normal" user i guess we can be a bit more "techy" in here.

> Can you grant me access to the apt-doc repostitory, that I can change the
> german translation, if threre are changes?
The little APT team tries to follow a feature branch approach,
so (in theory) most changes in debian-sid should be merge
commits (practice is different, but i like the theory ;) ).
As you can see in Julians email it is pretty easy to break APTs
buildsystem with a small mistake/typo and this would be pretty
annoying if we would need to release a point-release ASAP.

So in conclusion:
I think something like a separate apt-doc project on Alioth would
be great as we could then grant access to the branch for basically
everyone who want to participate in translation -
and this is why i cc'ed Christian Perrier to the thread as i think
he is the only one who can help us here (as the translation
master of the debian-universe).
I would do it myself but as a nobody i have the lovely "advantage"
to be unable to do certain things to limit my workload.
(I know people who are jealous of me for this, but this is another story) ;)

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

David "DonKult" Kalnischkies

P.S.: Chris Leick, I have also added a very very simple
de/addendum/xml_de.add file to your translation mostly for testing.
You can and you should edit it to your liking as it is "your" section.
It is a bit like the small t-shirt you get after saving the universe, but
it is at least something - beside the enormous thanks from all
(german) apt users of course, so: Danke. :)

Christian Perrier, I have converted all old manpages to po4a which
generates a lot of fuzzy strings (obviously), so someone should
ask the l10n teams to at least unfuzzy them... It would be great if
you could do that as you have better "connections", but i will try
my best if you can't.

[0] https://code.launchpad.net/~donkult/apt/sid

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