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Bug#317186: Any progress?

Simon Richter wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, Feb 02, 2009 at 04:21:33PM -0800, Julian Blake Kongslie wrote:
>> Is there any progress on this bug? I'd like to be able to pin specific
>> packages or patterns like *xorg* to experimental, but anything other
>> than Package: * seems to be completely ignored.
> Without having looked at the bug, the default behaviour for apt is to
> install packages from experimental if the currently installed version is
> higher than the highest available version from non-experimental (that is,
> the default priority for experimental is set that way).
> So if you just add experimental to the sources, you can manually install
> the packages you want from experimental once and get upgrades automatically
> until unstable gets updated, after which it will fall back to tracking
> unstable, which is most often the desired behaviour (if you installed the
> experimental version in order to get a specific fix or feature, there is no
> reason to stay on the experimental "branch" after the changes went into
> unstable).
Simon, this is completely wrong. experimental packages have pin '1' for
default, which less than '100' that installed version have, so no any version
s from experimental will be installed automatically by apt (unless pinned

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