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Bug#317186: Any progress?


On Mon, Feb 02, 2009 at 04:21:33PM -0800, Julian Blake Kongslie wrote:

> Is there any progress on this bug? I'd like to be able to pin specific
> packages or patterns like *xorg* to experimental, but anything other
> than Package: * seems to be completely ignored.

Without having looked at the bug, the default behaviour for apt is to
install packages from experimental if the currently installed version is
higher than the highest available version from non-experimental (that is,
the default priority for experimental is set that way).

So if you just add experimental to the sources, you can manually install
the packages you want from experimental once and get upgrades automatically
until unstable gets updated, after which it will fall back to tracking
unstable, which is most often the desired behaviour (if you installed the
experimental version in order to get a specific fix or feature, there is no
reason to stay on the experimental "branch" after the changes went into


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