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Bug#314334: apt-get on jffs2 / disabling cacheing completely

Dear M Sladen:
Is it possible to respond with a more specific description of the jfs2/apt conflict? Any response is beneficial.
Due to the distributed nature of Bug Responses, someone may already be developing a patch. Thank you for your contribution.
On 11/28/07, Paul Sladen <debian@paul.sladen.org> wrote:
Hit this "apt relying on shared writeable" issue today with a jffs2 issue.

N800/Maemo seem to have got around this by (I think using an older version
of apt?); it's all a bit messy and could really do with handling
transparently within apt.

First messages I found on this were from 2001, over at handhelds.org.
Another option may just be to skipping the cacheing completely---it's
probably a bit unnecessary on flash devices with (relatively low) seek

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