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Bug#450510: "HASH SUM MISMATCH" errors in apt, versions > 0.7.6

Am Montag, 12. November 2007 16:39:48 schrieben Sie:
>   The submitter replied via private email.  It appears that he somehow
> got a Packages file without any cryptographic checksums (not sure how);

manually, i. e. naively without using apt-ftparchive as command as a 
consequence of lacking experience :)

> I get the same behavior if I remove the cryptographic checksums from my
> Packages file.  If this is intended behavior (and it makes sense to me),
> apt should probably detect the missing sums and generate a different
> error from the error it generates for a sum mismatch.

I fully agree :)

Error messages should make constructive sense that makes the user sensitive 
for the what and why of the problem.....
Would be nice to see some change here in order to avoid future 

>   Daniel



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