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Bug#205937: "Me too!"

On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Chris Chiappa wrote:

> programs which generally work well.  But it's not obvious to me that someone
> who's not familiar with *why* there's a 32k buffer in the first place should

It is 32k because 32k seemed like a reasonable number (something like 10x
the largest seen at the time).

The buffer doesn't resize because having a single stanza that is larger
than 32k didn't seem likely - and actually suggests the file is in fact
not a properly formed status file.

There is no resizing code, because quite frankly, a 32k stanza is insane. 

Making the buffer double in size (resize) when a stanza fills it should be
quite simple, however you risk using up all memory if you point it at a
big file that isn't actually a package file.

mmap isn't used because this code is sometimes used on pipes.

The bug has been open for 6 months mostly likely because - a 32k stanza is


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