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Bug#205937: "Me too!"

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 08:23:15AM -0800, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Are all of these really meant to be customized?  Some of them even have .mp3
> extensions.  What is /etc/locale meant to be?  That is not a standard
> directory as far as I know.  These seem like they belong in
> /usr/share/netjuke.
I don't have any opinion on this; netjuke seems like a very poorly
maintained (unmaintained in fact) package.  About 10 minutes after
installing and futzing with it I removed it and just installed the tarfile
off the website.  Unless packages put into Debian are going to be vetted for
"won't break apt" I think focusing on how broken said packages are is the
wrong outlook for this bug.

> Patches gratefully accepted.
Asking for patches is all well and nice, but the apt source code doesn't
strike me as being particularly suited for someone to just jump in and start
working on.  This isn't necessarily a criticism, it's a complex set of
programs which generally work well.  But it's not obvious to me that someone
who's not familiar with *why* there's a 32k buffer in the first place should
start futzing with it.  Is there a reason the buffer doesn't resize?  Is
there a reason mmap isn't used?  Is there a class of exploits to be
concerned with?  Is there a mechanism for passing around state information
in the case of an error?  Offhand I don't see any architectural guide in the
apt source and the fact that the bug has been open for 6 months without any
indication that it's going to be fixed makes me suspect this isn't an easy
problem for an apt novice to take a swing at. If you think otherwise I might
make a go of it (although I'm more of a C rather than C++ programmer).


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