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Peace/letter from a Widow

I hope this mail will not come to you as a surprise since we have not known before. It has become extremely necessary in my urgent and desperate search for an honest and capable individual oversea as necessitated by our present situation.

I wish to introduce myself as MR PETER U. HUBERT.I am writing you on behalf of my mother in respect of our late father estate for management assistance and 

Our father COL. RODRIGUE HUBERT a former Paymaster General of Ecomog (A PEACEKEEPING MILITARY ORGANISATION WITHIN THE WEST-AFRICA SUBREGION) deposited huge amount of money with a security company. Fortunately, my mother (Mrs. MALTIDA HUBERT) got to know about the deposit with the Security Company when the family lawyer read my late father's will. The total amount involved happens to be USD18.5 million. 

The problem is that in my late father's will, an instruction was given that before she can lay hand on a cent from the money deposited with the security company, she must personally present a competent and reliable foreign Manager/Investor to whom the USD18.5 million should be released to for onward investment purposes because she had been a full time housewife all through her married life and as such has no experience in financial management matters. 

>From the discussions I held with her, I discovered that my mother is interested in buying a good house to live with us abroad. Under this circumstances I deem it fit that you can be of assistance to us, because I have the believe you can capably handle this transaction without any mistake as this is the only hope we have left in this world. 

On your positive response, other details including your benefit for your assistances will be sent to you.

Looking forward to your prompt reply. Do reply ONLY to; peterhubert@katamail.com

Yours sincerely, 

Peter U.  Hubert

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