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dist-upgrade needs computation via another machine

#We can't do apt-get dist-upgrade over our puny modem,
#we must go to town to a pal's Debian machine and burn the
#files onto a CDROM to take back and install.

#Apt-zip like idea, without ignoring newer packages that
#appeared while our list is in transport.

#On one's poorly connected machine:
apt-poor: extra-wants
	grep-status -vF Status 'purge ok not-installed'|\
	perl -wne 'unless(\
	/^( |Priority|Section|Description|Maintainer|Suggests|Source|Recommends)/)\
	{print}'> status
	tar zcf aptgob.tar.gz extra-wants status
#Days later, on the richly connected machine
	apt-get update #with perhaps some additions to sources.list, we assume also sid etc.
	tar xzf aptgob.tar.gz
	{ $(aptcom) dist-upgrade; $(aptcom) install $$(cat extra-wants);}|\
	sed "s/ .*//;s/'//g"|sort -u>wget.list
	wget -x -i wget.list
#	Then burn it onto a CDROM to take back to the poorly connected machine and
#	install in various ways...

extra-wants: #just a list of additional packages to install
	touch $? #if we don't have one
aptcom=apt-get -o Dir::State::status=/tmp/status --print-uris -yqq

#I haven't tested the above idea yet. Seems like one big unhappy hack
#There should be a apt.debian.org web server to compute all this...

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