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apt.debian.org server to compute dist-upgrade needs

[Say] we can't do apt-get dist-upgrade over our puny modem.  We must go to
town to burn the files onto a CDROM and take them back to install it.

Sure, we could do apt-get dist-upgrade --print-uris, or use apt-zip,
but that creates a list that gets stale in the few days it takes us to
get to town... we'll miss the latest upgrades.

Therefore there should be an "apt.debian.org" web server to compute
what we need on the spot.  One would give it various detail about our
machine, and a sources.list and e.g. dpkg --get-selections
output... all of which we have taken to town.  It would spit out a
fetch list of URIs.

OK, I suppose 99% of people are better connected than my scenario, and
perhaps this is only applicable to the third world.

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