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Bug#230687: [apt-rpm] How can I install package1 which requires an older version of package2?

Op vrijdag 30 januari 2004 17:30, schreef Matt Zimmerman:
> > Hello Matt,
> >
> > Well it is quite a lot and I did quite a lot of things manually....
> > That's because I assumed and hoped that it would be a 1 time action ...
> This is unfortunate...I wish that you had contacted me earlier and we could
> have minimized the effort required.

Hello Matt,

Thanks, for your encouraging words.  I have sent some emails to the deity 
emaillist and Jason and since the beginning of december I did not get 1 
response (except the ones from today).  To tell you the truth, that (no 
response) frustrated me.  Of course debian went through a different time due 
to the hacked server.  I'm very glad to receive your reply!

> > Can you provide me the latest man page sources.  I'll have a look at the
> > merge as well.  I don't have the 'script' (1 big  sed command) around
> > now, I'll provide you that one later.

Please, find the convert script in the attachment.

> cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/deity co apt
> (password is blank)

Tried it, I get:
richard:~/cvs> cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/deity co apt
Fatal error, aborting.
cvs_deity: no such user

I get the feeling that anonymous is mapped to a not existing user....  I have 
no problems accessing other cvs systems.  Any web frontend around to cvs?

Perhaps you can do a checkout of apt/doc, tarred it and have them sent to me 
as a start.  It would still be nice to access the apt repository though.


if [[ ! -f $1 ]]; then
	echo "error: $1 bestaat niet" >&2

sed \
  -e 's/RefSect1>/refsect1>/g'		\
  -e 's/Title>/title>/g' 		\
  -e 's,<literal/,<literal>,g'		\
  -e 's,\(<literal>[a-z,-:]*\)/,\1</literal>,g'  \
  -e 's,VariableList,variablelist,g'	\
  -e 's,VarListEntry,varlistentry,g'	\
  -e 's,ListItem,listitem,g'		\
  -e 's,Para,para,g'			\
  -e 's,EnVar,envar,g'			\
  -e 's,Term,term,g'			\
  -e 's,Option,option,g'		\
  -e 's,CiteRefEntry,citerefentry,g'	\
  -e 's,RefEntrytitle,refentrytitle,g'	\
  -e 's,ManVolNum,manvolnum,g'		\
  -e 's,command/\([a-z,-]*\)/,command>\1</command>,g'   \
  -e 's,command>\([a-z,-]*\)</>,command>\1</command>,g'   \
  -e 's,option/\([a-z,-]*\)/,option>\1</option>,g'      \
  -e 's,option>\([a-z,-]*\)</>,option>\1</option>,g'   \
  -e 's,replaceable/\([a-z,-]*\)/,replaceable>\1</replaceable>,g'      \
  -e 's,\(<title>[a-z,-, ]*\)</>,\1</title>,g'    \
  -e 's,\(<refentrytitle>[a-z,-]*\)</>,\1</refentrytitle>,g'    \
  -e 's,\(<refpurpose>[a-z,-, ]*\)</>,\1</refpurpose>,g'    \
  -e 's,\(<manvolnum>[a-z,-,0-9]*\)</>,\1</manvolnum>,g'    \
  -e 's,\(<refname>[a-z,-]*\)</>,\1</refname>,g'    \
  -e 's,\(<arg>[a-z,-]*\)</>,\1</arg>,g'    \
  $1 > $TMP

mv $TMP $1

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