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Bug#230687: apt xml man pages

Op zaterdag 31 januari 2004 11:01, schreef Richard Bos:
> > http://cvs.debian.org/ module 'deity'.
> Okay found them.  I'll download them for there.  However, before I continue
> with merging/processing or whatever, I'm curious to know whether you can
> distribute (apt/deity) with the converted docs (to xml docbook-4) in
> combination with xmlto (or whatever xml processor you would like to use of
> course).

Hi Matt,

I had a look at the diff and it is rather small.  Some text has been added to 
apt-cache for 2 new arguments and a ',' was added to apt-get.  That's all the 
other changes are formatting only and have no influence on the xml version.

I'll take care for merging the changes into the xml version.


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