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Bug#218760: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#218760: apt-get update doesn't check timestamps on already loaded "unstable" package files)

On Mon, Nov 03, 2003 at 10:21:01PM +0000, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

>  you may endeavour yourself to reproduce the problem by
>  interrupting apt-get update (ctrl-c) half-way through.
>  you may need to use ftp.uk.debian.org not ftp.us.debian.org.
>  if apt-get update then reloads all of the unstable packages
>  obtained so far then you have successfully reproduced the
>  problem.
>  if apt-get update skips the unstable packages loaded up until
>  the deliberate interrupt occurs and then resumes where it
>  was interrupted then the problem has not been successfully
>  reproduced.
>  if the problem cannot be successfully reproduced on any system
>  but my own, in the manner described above, then it can be
>  safely said that the issue is something that is nothing to
>  do with you or the large number of other users.
>  however on literally _every_ single debian system i have
>  installed, of which there are now approximately twenty over
>  the past three years, apt-get update more than once a day
>  ALWAYS downloads all of the unstable packages.
>  [from ftp.uk.debian.org].

I have done this many times (albeit never with ftp.uk.debian.org), but it
should be clear from the fact that this only happens to you with unstable,
that apt is not at fault.  apt does not treat unstable any differently from
stable; in that particular context, it is just the name of a subdirectory
containing the package lists.

So, there is either a problem with your network (like a broken proxy), your
mirror, or something else, but not with apt.  You might ask on
debian-user@lists.debian.org and see if anyone else has the same problem
with that mirror, or indeed at all.

 - mdz

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