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Bug#173215: Handling of "proposed-updates" with APT::Default-Release

Package:  apt
Version:  0.5.4

When setting APT::Default-Release to e.g. "stable" and having a mixed
setup in sources.list, Packages from "proposed-updates" are not
considered to belong to "stable", so `apt-get' (without -t) will
produce unexpected results on them.

Especially `dselect' and friends will propose to upgrade all Packages
in "proposed-updates" to the version in "testing" or "unstable", which
is really not what the dummy wants.

I consider this a documentation bug.

To fix the problem, /etc/preferences could be used like this (is this 
proper, apt gurus?)

  Package: *
  Pin: release v=3.0*
  Pin-Priority: 600

Klaus Reichl				email: klaus.reichl@alcatel.at 
Danhausergasse 8/16			       a8709182@unet.univie.ac.at
A-1040 Wien				voice: +43 (1) 27722 / 3884 (job)    

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