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Re: Bug#167398: selecting packages via depends relations, esp. with versioned deps

>  It's a general problem, not at all specific to tubesock.  It happens any
> time I'm installing a package that has dependencies that can't be satisfied
> from stable.  I've already got tubesock/unstable installed, so I need to
> find another package who's unstable version has unsatisfied deps from
> unstable...

It isn't actually a problem. It is doing exactly what you asked:

apt-get -t stable install nessus/unstable
   nessus: Depends: libnessus1 (>= 1.2.5) but 1.0.10-2 is to be installed

Which translates exactly into: 'use the stable version of all packages,
except nessus'. So there is no bug here..

What you want is some new feature that tries to find a set of required
packages such that the minimum number of other packages are moved to
non-default verisons. That's actually quite algorithmically challenging :|

Since aptitude doesn't have the option of doing the same as '-t' for a
single run something is going to have to be done to have a nice UI, but
I'm not entirely sure what is best..


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